Porcelain makers’ displays

Very few museums have the chance to present the most recent designs from their sector to the public. The “Porcelain makers’ displays” are therefore a remarkable example of the links between the Adrien Dubouché National Museum and the Limoges manufactories, which have been particularly generous in providing their contemporary tableware products to the museum.
Thanks to the support of the Adrien Dubouché association, visitors to the museum can get regular glimpses of the latest new pieces in tableware and decoration.
These displays pay tribute to the porcelain of Limoges, giving free rein to its vitality.

After they have been displayed, some of these recent designs are given to the museum by the porcelain makers, significantly enriching our collections. Thanks to these donations and the generosity of the porcelain makers, thousands of pieces have been entered on the museum’s inventory, making it the largest custodian of Limoges porcelain.